The Ultimate Adult Function Report Form Tutorial

A Comprehensive Approach for Navigating This Critical Disability Claim Form | taught by Tatiana Froes
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Tatiana Froes
Tatiana Froes
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About the instructor

My name is Tatiana Froes. I am a Disability Attorney practicing in sunny Arizona. In my spare time, I blog about disability claim tips at

Also in my spare time, I am a DIYer, bird rescuer, cat lover, pilot and the owner of another blog called where I show people how to DIY things around the house, decorating on a budget and living sane.

My experience talking to potential clients tells me that despite easy access to the internet, disability claimants still don’t understand the process of applying for disability. I want to address that issue and more.

 I want to make sure that people's cases don't get rejected or denied if they shouldn't be, for reasons that are easy to fix. As a disability attorney, I see that every day: Having to reject cases because claimants were not ready when they filed. I hate saying no to claimants: They already feel stressed out about their condition and when they are trying to get help, they hear: “NO, I’m sorry I can’t help you“.

I want you to be ready! 

Ready to take charge of your claim. Ready to be approved for disability. 

So let’s get READY!

The Adult Function Report* form is one of the trickiest forms you are required to complete for your Social Security Disability claim.

In this particular form "just being honest" or using "common sense" is not enough to protect you from answering the questions in a way that could damage your claim at a critical point of your case.

Learn what it takes to complete this form properly and to demonstrate how difficult things are for you.

This is the same method I use with my own clients to increase their chances at winning their claim. 

I want the same thing for you.

I hope to see you in class!

Your instructor,

*Note: The form is not provided in the course due to proprietary reasons. I do provide links to obtain the forms from the original source.

Course Contents

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